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HVAC Maintenance in mobile and baldwin county
The best way to ensure your HVAC system performs year-round is to do preventive maintenance. We offer a wide range of maintenance services based on your home and system to ensure you never have to worry about down time.
Common HVAC Maintenance Services
Emergency HVAC Services
Providing 24/7 emergency repairs for heating and cooling systems.
Preventive Maintenance Agreements
Offering regular maintenance plans to keep HVAC systems in top condition.
Energy Audits
Evaluating energy usage and suggesting improvements for energy efficiency.
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Common solutions to your heating and cooling issues

How often should I replace my air filters?
Most pleated filters need to be replaced every 90days; while fiber glass filters need to be replaced every 30 days.
Should I turn my A/C off when I leave my home?
We advise customers to at least raise the room set-point to keep home at comfortable setting.
How often should I bleach my A/C drain line?
We advise clients to add bleach and replace filter every 90 days.
What is the difference between Refrigerant 410a and R-22?
Refrigerant-22 contains ozone depleting chlorine in it, while R-410a does not contain chlorine; therefore, it is the environmental-friendly replacement.


comfortable customers

Monica Washington

Writing this review feels like I am talking about my family. Easy was recommended to us years ago when we needed a new AC unit. Easy made sure that we were just not getting a unit but our home was getting everything to handle the dreadful heat.

Chiante Barnes

They came out to our house and gave us realistic options that allowed us to remain in a cool home until we could figure out the best option. They were also very informative of what upgrades needed to be completed to bring our home to code. We have de

Ms. Sunshine

Let this be the first and only call you make !!! I was referred to Easy heating and air services by a family member so I called and had my AC fixed and blowing ice cold literally 45 minutes from the time I made the service call.

Myra Paige

Mr. Enoch provided excellent customer service! He was able to provide same day service and was very friendly, respectful and knowledgeable. He was able to provide a temporary fix for my current unit and information for a new unit. Thank you!

Sherise Colston

I was very impressed with how soon Enoch came to check out my unit the same day I called. He kept his word with me that he would come back the next following day cause there was a part I needed for my united.

Angela Jordan

There’s nothing worse than your AC going out in the middle of a heatwave – but Easy H&C truly made it easy to get our unit repaired. They were able to send a tech out the day I called and returned to replace the unit’s motor the next day.

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